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Find and Restore Raw Data Files

$ DIRECTORY (The VMS command)
can be used to see what raw data files  are on disk by using the logical disk names DSP0, DRW1, and DRW0 and the directory [TFTR.di].
$ DIR DRW0:[TFTR.EH]PFT12345.EH   Raw and Spooling
$ DIR DRW1:[TFTR.EH]PFT12345.EH   Raw only
$ DIR DSP0:[TFTR.EH]PFT12345.EH   Spooling only
DRW0 also includes the results disks.
  retrieves raw data  from the tape archive system to the raw data disks. GETSHOTS lets you specify a digraph, prefixes, and a series of shot or sequence numbers or full filenames. A batch job is submitted to the TFTR_RETRIEVE queue to request retrieval of the files. At the next half-hourly scheduled retrieval the files will be restored provided there is operator coverage (usually 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays). After the files have been restored, RETRIEVE.LOG in your login directory is updated with the names of the files and the result of the request. See $ HELP GETSHOTS for more information.

You must have an account on the data management computer (this changes from time to time) for GETSHOTS to work. Contact Lena Scimeca (mail to LSCIMECA) to find out if you have an account on the data management computer. Tom Gibney maintains GETSHOTS.

  is an alternative version of GETSHOTS with the standard UREAD interface instead of the Computer Division interface, which does not support entering the program input on the command line. To retrieve the raw data files for digraph NE for shots 68100 through 68120 using RAWGET type:
    $ RAWGET NE 68100 - 68120 ; N Y , N
  copies files from the digraph's spooling disk to the raw data disk. The input requested by COPYSHOTS is similar to that for GETSHOTS, however the action (copying the file) is immediate. You can use this command to ``save'' files for interesting shots before they are skimmed from the spooling disks. Remember that as long as you stay within your quota, files should not be skimmed from the raw data disks--and you control which files are on the raw data disks.

  provides information on outstanding requests for raw data restores made via GETSHOTS or RAWGET.

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