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Find SNAP Output

  lists SNAP shot-tries with the comments for each shot-try.
    $ SURVEY
When you are asked for the ``shot entry'', enter either a single shot or a range, optionally followed by the try numbers or try range in parentheses:
    73268              All tries of shot 73268
    73253-73273        All tries for shots 73253 to 73273
    73268(1, 3, 5-7)   Tries 1, 3, 5, 6, 7 for shot 73268
See $ HELP SURVEY for additional information. This utility is maintained by Marilee Thompson.

  gives a list, one item per line, of shot-tries restricted by date range and/or user id.

  can also be used to find out what shots have been analyzed by SNAP and their related comments. SNAPSHOTS uses the INGRES forms interface.
When the form comes up fill in the fields. You can enter a shot range or a date range. (TAB goes to the next field, ^P to the previous field, PF2 gets help, etc.) SNAPSHOTS is also available from the MINGL UTILITIES menu and is maintained by Dick Wieland.

  copies the SNAP.DAT input file for a single shot-try from the optical or from the read cache to your current default directory:
    $ SRERUNT 73268 252           try 252 for shot 73268

restores either the input or output file for a shot-try:
    $ REQUEST_SNAP 73268 252 DATA     restore data file
    $ REQUEST_SNAP 73268 252 NAME     restore input file
The utilities that access SNAP data automatically restore the files from the optical as needed. This command is useful if you need several files at once, for example if you are building a database.

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 11:22:04 EDT 1997