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BULLETIN TFTR_SHOTS--Summary of Recent Shots

A useful bulletin to look at is TFTR_SHOTS.  An entry is made for each good shot when it is available for analysis on the cluster. If you look before noon, this bulletin has all today's and yesterday's shots; after noon, it has today's shots. The important information is in the header of each bulletin, so a ``directory'' list gives a one-line summary of the shots:

    $ BULLETIN TFTR_SHOTS    select board on the command line

    > 1                      to see parameter descriptions

    TIME:  time of peak ETOT when PBEAM or PICH is non-zero;
           otherwise the end of the plasma current flattop.
    IP:    the MB-IP-SL waveform in MW.
    FM#6:  Nel from FM-LD-06.
    PBEAM: from NB-BP-SL in MW.
    PICH:  from IC-PI-SL in MW.
    ETOT:  from M-ETOT in MJ.
    TAUE:  from M-TAUE.

    > dir                    to see shot summary

    # Description                                       Date
     shot time Ip   fm#6 Pbeam  Pich Etot taue   time  8-SEP
    42388 3.47 1.09 3.13  8.76  0.00 1.14 0.13  14:06 10-OCT
    42389 3.38 1.09 3.41 10.58  0.00 1.26 0.12  14:14 10-OCT
    42390 3.40 1.09 3.41 10.62  0.00 1.28 0.12  14:21 10-OCT
To create a file with one line for each shot, do:
        bull>  file/all/nohead[/new] shots.lis
With the /new switch a new file is created; otherwise it appends to the file if it exists.

To keep abreast of shots while in your office, use ``set notify'' for TFTR_SHOTS.

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 11:22:04 EDT 1997