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Event-driven jobs

To have a VMS job run automatically for each TFTR shot as it happens, you need to set up the job to whatever processing is needed, and select the event to trigger on.

Some utilties, such as CUPLOT and LOCUS can be set up to wait for an event declared during the automatic shot processing and execute the procedure of your choice: Commonly used triggers are:

ANT_MOST is declared about 5 minutes after the shot when the second set of waveforms is shipped from CICADA to the cluster. This usually means that all the CICADA waveforms are now available.
ICRF_DONE is declared when the ICRF waveforms are ready.

Or you can set up a procedure file, which can be run interactively or as a batch job, to execute the command GETSHOT_NO_FQW   (get shot number from queue in wait mode), which sleeps until the event is declared and sets the symbol SHOTNUMBER to the shot number:

    $ GETSHOT_NO_FQW ANT_MOST          !wait for next shot

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 11:22:04 EDT 1997