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  Most TFTR software tools and analysis programs that generate graphs use the SG (Scientific Graphics) library, which is an enhanced version of the Textronix PLOT-10 library. SGLIB supports the 4014 and 4105 terminal classes. Output can go to a terminal, to a file, or to a file and a terminal simultaneously with only selected frames saved in the file. Files can later be displayed using XPLOT, printed, or displayed in the TFTR Control Room using VGDS. Do $ HELP SG for details. The SG library is maintained by Marilee Thompson.

The DISSPLA library is also available for writing graphics applicationns, along with TK41 (Tektronix 4105) and V550 (Visual 550) post-processors. Output to a terminal uses the SG routines to switch between the text and graphics screen for different terminal types. Do $ HELP DISSPLA for more information.

Marilee Thompson
Fri Jul 11 11:22:04 EDT 1997