Workshop on Lithium Effects in Plasmas, October 17-18th, 1996

Workshop participants,

Below is important information regarding the upcoming Li workshop. Please examine the schedule and advise us as soon as possible if any conflicts exist.

Time allotted for invited talks is 30 - 45 minutes including questions (see schedule).Time allotted for contributed talks is 15 minutes (10 minute talk + 5 minute discussion) . Time limits will be upheld ( a maximum of 10 viewgraphs is suggested for contributed talks).

More extensive discussion is encouraged in the Round Table discussions on Friday afternoon. Round Table Chairs should be prepared to write one or two viewgraphs during the meeting that summarize the major points reported and list unresolved issues that could be the subject of future work. These will then provide a starting point for discussions.

To maximize the information exchange in a timely manner, the intention is to distribute to participants a copy of the proceedings containing all the viewgraphs at the Friday afternoon session. To make this task manageable, participants should prepare a reduced set of copies of their viewgraphs, 4 to a page and submit copies to the registration desk at registration on Thursday morning.

Page size should be single sided 8.5 x 11 inch or A4, with 1 inch margins. If legibility is a problem in the 4x reduced format then 2 viewgraphs to a page may be used where necessary. A small fee may be charged for the proceedings to defray reproduction costs.

Lunches will be in the PPPL cafeteria. A no-host dinner is planned for Thursday evening at 7:00 at the Forrestal Hotel (formerly Scanticon). Cost is expected to be $15-$25 per person, to be paid individually at the restaurant.

Attendees of the workshop who are coming from the AVS meeting in Philadelphia may choose to use public transportation.

Amtrak trains leave the Philadelphia train station at 12:15, 15:15, 17:17, and 18:48 and stop at Princeton Junction train station about 50 minutes later. Taxis meet all trains, and the fare to the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory is about $10. There is a shuttle train that meets all Amtrak trains and goes into Princeton Town; attendees who are staying in town may wish to take the shuttle. (Commuter trains run a more frequent schedule from Philadelphia, but you must transfer from a Pennsylvania train to a New Jersey train at Trenton.)

Looking forward to seeing you at the workshop,

Charles Bush and Charles Skinner. [ ,]

Workshop on Lithium Effects in Plasmas:Draft schedule 10/3/96

Thursday 17th October

9:00 C Bush (ORNL) Welcome

9:05 R Hawryluk (PPPL) Opening remarks

Session I: Large Tokamaks: Chair: S Sabbagh

9:15 Jackson, G (GA) Lithium pellet injection in the DIII-D tokamak

10:00 Mansfield, D. (PPPL) Lithium conditioning experiments on the Tokamak Fusion Test Reactor: An overview

10:45 Break

11:00 Terreault, B. (TdeV) Lithium conditioning experience on TdeV

11:30 Terry, J. (MIT) Lithium conditioning of metal walls in Alcator C-mod

12:00 Lunch.

Session II: Chair: Gary Jackson

1:30 Hammett, G. (PPPL) The influence of edge boundary conditions on IFS-PPPL simulations of L-modes and supershots

1:45 Bourgoin, D. (TdeV) Influence of lithium in plasma facing components (PFC)

2:00 Wampler, W. (Sandia) Measurements of lithium on plasma-facing materials in DIII-D after lithium conditioning

2:15 Budny, R. (PPPL) Hydrogenic influx and scrape off parameters for TFTR supershots with and without lithium conditioning

2:30 Skinner, C. H. (PPPL) Effect of lithium conditioning on the influx of recycled deuterium to the plasma core in TFTR

2:45 Bush, C. (ORNL) Variation of plasma core profiles, transport, and confinement with lithium conditioning in TFTR

3:00 Break.

Chair: Yoshi Hirooka

3:30 Kugel, H. (PPPL) Development of lithium deposition techniques for TFTR

3:45 Hill, K. (PPPL) Spectroscopic studies of lithium in TFTR plasmas

4:00 Ramsey, A. (PPPL) Li as a plasma constituent: dilution and blooming

4:15 Hogan, J. (ORNL) Model for Li deposition effects on recycling and confinement in TFTR

4:40 Ongena, J. (Juelich) A new enhanced core confinement regime using edge radiative cooling in TEXTOR-94.

5:05 End of session

6:30 Meet in 'The Forrestal at Princeton' hotel for No-Host dinner at 7:00 PM.

Friday 18th October

Session. III

Chair: Charles Skinner

9:00 McGuire K (PPPL) Welcome

9:05 Sugai, H. (Nagoya) Laboratory studies on lithium conditioning effects

9:45 Bastasz, R. (Sandia) Surface analysis of lithium

10:00 Ruzic, D. (Illinois) Recent modeling results of the reflection and sputtering of Li and Li/C/D/T surfaces

10:15 Break

Chair: Jim Terry

10:45 Hirooka, Y. (UCSD) A proposal of PMI research on the Li-conditioned wall in TFTR

11:00 Krauss, A (ANL) The Erosion and Redeposition properties of Plasma Facing Surfaces Coated with One Monolayer of Lithium in a Tokamak Environment.

11:15 Majeski, R. (PPPL) Lithium-7 effects on ICRF Mode Conversion at the Deuterium-Tritium Ion-Ion Hybrid layer in TFTR.

11:30 Jassby, D. (PPPL) Thin Lithium-6 wall coatings for tritium production

11:45 Wu, C H (IPP NET) Lithium chemistry and physics, and potential applications in future fusion reactors.

12:15 Lunch.

1:30 Round Table discussion 1: Issues for large tokamaks, future experiments Chair: Dennis Mansfield

2:30 Round Table discussion 2: Issues and needs for modelling and lab experiments. Chair: John Hogan

3:30 Round Table discussion 3 : Lithium conditioning on Next Step Devices including ITER. Chair: C H Wu.

4:30 End of conference, concluding remarks, distribution of proceedings.

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