*** Workshop on Feedback Stabilization of MHD Instabilities ***

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A workshop on Feedback Stabilization of MHD Instabilities will take

place from Wednesday, December 11th, 1996 to Friday, December 13th, 1996 at

the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton, New Jersey, USA. It is

co-sponsored by Columbia University and the Princeton Plasma Physics


Purpose of Workshop:

The feedback stabilization of MHD instabilities is an area of

research that is critical for improving the performance and economic

attractiveness of magnetic confinement fusion devices.

The scope of the workshop includes active and passive control of

MHD modes, such as kinks and tearing modes or tilting modes, and includes

the feedback control of plasma profiles in order to prevent the onset of


The workshop is open to scientists investigating tokamak as well as

non-tokamak devices, such as the control of resistive wall modes in RFPs

and in spherical tokamaks.

The workshop will involve extensive discussion and the preparation of a

workshop summary.

Potential topics include:

* Review existing theoretical and experimental results on feedback.

* General requirements for feedback.

* Feedback options under investigation.

* New sensors for feedback systems.

* Experiments currently being planned nationally and internationally.

* Implications for performance on present and future machines.


Please discuss contributions with Michael Mauel at Columbia University

(mauel@columbia.edu) or Kevin McGuire at PPPL (kmcguire@pppl.gov)

Abstracts should be limited to 200 words and submitted to the

Chairman, Program Committee (mauel@columbia.edu) or (kmcguire@pppl.gov)

(address below) as soon as possible, but no later than Friday Dec 6th 1996.

E-mail submission is preferred. If you plan to attend mainly for

information and discussion and not make a presentation, let us know that


Informal presentations of work in progress are encouraged. There

will be a significant fraction of time allocated for discussions.

There will be a banquet on Wednesday evening, the first day of the

Workshop, at Prospect House at Princeton University.

Please contact the Chairmen for further information.

Michael E. Mauel

Chairman, Program Committee

Department of Applied Physics

Columbia University

New York, NY 10027 U.S.A.

Telephone No. 212-854-4455

Fax No. 212-854-8257

email: mauel@columbia.edu

Kevin McGuire


Princeton Plasma Physics Lab

P.O. Box 451

Princeton, NJ 08543 USA

Telephone No. 609-243-3187

Fax No. 609-243-2874

email: kmcguire@pppl.gov

The program committee:

R. LaHaye GA

B. Nevins LLNL

S. Prager University of Wisconsin

M. Mauel Columbia University

K. McGuire PPPL

The Program Committee will be responsible of scheduling both invited and

overview talks (approximately 30 minutes in length) and contributed talks

(approximately 15 minutes in length). If you are interested in presenting

an invited or overview talk, please indicate this to the workshop Chairmen

or to members of the Program Committee.

Registration Fee: $30, visitors from outside the US may pay at the workshop.

Please register early, by contacting:

Terry Greenberg, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Workshop Secretary

P.O. Box 451, Princeton, NJ, 08543,

Fax 609-243-2874 (phone 609-0243-3347).


Kevin McGuire, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

Program Committee

P.O. Box 451,

Princeton, NJ 08543,

Fax 609-243-2874 (phone 609-243-3187).





A hotel list and foreign visitor authorization form to enter PPPL

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Novotel 100 Independence Way, Princeton, NJ $79 w/full breakfast

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08540, (609) 520-1200, $75 w/o breakfast

Fax (609) 520-0594

We recommend Novotel Hotel where there are some rooms put aside for the


Holiday Inn 4355 Rt. 1, Princeton, NJ 08540 $85 w/full breakfast

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(609) 452-2400, Fax (609) 452-2494

Residence Inn 4255 Rt. 1, South, Princeton, NJ 08540 $67 or $77

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The Forrestal Hotel

Princeton Forrestal Center $89

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Nassau Inn Palmer Square, Princeton, NJ 08540 $90.00 4.0 miles

609-921-7500, Fax (609) 921-9385

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Bus Service: There is frequent airport bus service (from 7:15AM approx.

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Driving to Hotel: If you rent a car at Newark airport, follow Airport exit

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Follow any NJTP South sign to the toll plaza and get a toll card from a

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To get to PPPL from a hotel: Take Rt. 1 and get off at the small exit

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KEVIN MCGUIRE, Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, P.O. Box 451,

Princeton, NJ 08543,

Fax 609-243-2874 (phone 609-243-3187).