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Doug McCune

Office: C-Site A122
Phone: (609) 243-2731
     Doug McCune is the current co-head of the PPPL Computational Plasma Physics Group (CPPG) and a computational scientist with over 20 years of experience. Since the 1970's, he has been the primary developer of TRANSP, a transport code and the world's premier software for time dependent analysis of measured data from tokamak fusion experiments. The TRANSP code includes a Monte Carlo fast ion package which hahs proved effective in predicting fusion rates in TFTR and JET DD and DT experiments. He continues to play a lead role in the development and modernization of TRANSP physics packages, which will be made available for use in other codes via the National Transport Code Collaboration Modules Library Project. In addition, Doug plays a lead role in the development of scientific software by the CPPG, pushing for adhereance to standards of portability, documentation, and reusability of codes.

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