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  Elena Belova

Office: C-Site T149
Phone: (609) 243-2631
   Elena V. Belova is a Research Physicist at the Princeton University Plasma Physics Laboratory. Her research interests include: kinetic effects on the MHD stability; interaction of energetic particles with MHD waves; global stability of the Field-Reversed Configurations; space plasma physics; numerical simulations, and fluid/kinetic(gyro-kinetic) hybrid models of plasmas. She has authored or co-authored more than 42 publications in plasma physics. She received a M.S. in physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (Russia), and worked at the Space Research Institute in Moscow, Russia till 1992. She received a Ph. D. in plasma physics from Dartmouth College, Hanover NH in 1997. Following a three year post doctoral position with Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, she joined PPPL staff in 2000. She is currently active in the area of MHD and hybrid simulations of the Field-Reversed Configurations, and a numerical study of the subcyclotron frequency instabilities driven by the energetic neutral beam ions in NSTX.

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