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  Edward Startsev

Office: C-Site L243
Phone: (609) 243-3511

     Dr. Startsev is a Staff Research Physicist  at Princeton Plasma
Physics Laboratory. His professional interests include:   plasma
physics and nonlinear phenomena: intense charged particle beams,
non-neutral plasmas; nonlinear wave propagation; plasma-based
acceleration of particles in the laboratory and in space;
relativistic electron beams and their interaction with
electromagnetic radiation; waves with relativistically large
amplitudes; quantum computing and quantum interference phenomena.
Recently he is involved in the study of intense charged particle
beams, their transport, focusing and interaction with plasmas,
with applications to nuclear fusion (heavy ion fusion). He
received his B.S.(1990) and M.S.(1993) in theoretical nuclear
physics from Department of Theoretical Physics, Moscow Institute
of Physics and Engineering, Moscow, Russia,  and M.S (1996) and
Ph.D. (2000) in Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Science from
Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Rochester. He
is the author and co-author of over 35 publications in refereed
journals in the area of beam physics and plasma physics.

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