1. Code Name: FWEB

2. Category: XIIIa. Utility: General

3. Responsible Physicist: J. Krommes

5. One line description: The implementation of Knuth's WEB systems for any combination of Fortran, C, C++, Ratfor, and/or TeX.

6. Computer systems which code runs on: Cray, NEXT, IBM-PC, Silicon Graphics, SUN, VAX, and many more.

7. Typical running time: This is a fast, order several seconds, preprocessor for source files

8. Approximate number of code lines: 50,000

9. Does this code read data files from another code? No.

10. Does this code produce data files that can be read by another code? Yes. The documentation files are processed by Tex, and the output of ftangle is input for language compilers.

11. 1-2 paragraph description of code: This is not a physics code. It is a sophisticated and flexible tool for constructing structured, modular software that is self-documenting. It includes a powerful macro processor and many additional features. The documentation facility is fully integrated with Tex.

12. Similar codes to this code, and distinguishing differences: Knuth's WEB; Levy's CWEB. FWEB generalizes the above to handle any combination of Fortran, C, C++, Ratfor, and Tex.

14. New code capabilities planned for next 1-2 years: Friendly user interface for error processing.

15. Code users: Many worldwide.

16. Present and recent applications of code: Locally, Krommes' DIA code, Karney's ADJ code, and DEGAS2 are written in FWEB.

17. Status of code input/output documentation. Check one: ( ) does not exist ( ) incomplete (X) exists

18. Year Code was first used and present frequency of use: 1990. The code is presently used heavily by a large, world-wide data base.

19. Estimate of Man-Years invested in developing code: 2

20. Catagories of usage of Code (Check all that apply): ( ) application code to do analysis and prediction of experiments ( ) numerical testbed of theoretical ideas ( ) physics module to be used in integrated modelling ( ) code for machine design (X) OTHER: preprocessor for support of physics codes.

21. Language code is writen in: C (and FWEB itself).