1. Code Name: SS3D

2. Category: IXb. Particle Code: Gyrokinetic

3. Responsible Physicist: S.E. Parker

5. One line description: "Simple Slab 3D," an easy to use and understand educational electrostatic delta-f slab code with real-time graphics. Can be easily run in 2D.

6. Computer systems which code runs on: Any Unix machine, NCAR, Xgraphics

7. Typical running time: Production run take 0.05-0.5 hours.

8. Approximate number of code lines: 3,000

9. Does this code read data files from another code? No

10. Does this code produce data files that can be read by another code? No.

11. 1-2 paragraph description of code: This is 2D or 3D toroidal fully nonlinear, partially linear, linear, delta-f code in conventional slab geometry. Easy to understand and use, good for education and introduction to gyrokinetic and delta-f simulation.

12. Similar codes to this code, and distinguishing differences: Very similar to the FT3D code except easier to understand. Similar to other slab gyrokinetic codes, but cleanly structured and with interactive graphics.

13. Journal References describing code: W.W. Lee and W.M. Tang, Phys. Fluids, {\bf 31} 612 (1988).

15. Code users: S. Parker, W. W. Lee, numerous grad students, and undergrad students.

16. Present and recent applications of code: ITG, drift-waves

17. Status of code input/output documentation. Check one: ( ) does not exist ( ) incomplete (X) exists (in terms of readme files)

18 Year Code was first used and present frequency of use: First developed 1994, regularly used.

19. Estimate of Man-Years invested in developing code: 0.5

20. Categories of usage of Code (Check all that apply): ( ) application code to do analysis and prediction of experiments (x) numerical testbed of theoretical ideas ( ) physics module to be used in integrated modeling ( ) code for machine design

21. Language code is written in: Unix, Fortran, NCAR, Xgraphics