1. Code Name: TORFLD

2. Category: Plasma magnetic fields

3. Responsible Scientist: Bas Braams

4. Others involved in code development: None

5. One line description: Subroutines to evaluate toroidal harmonic functions.

6. Computer systems which code runs on: Any.

7. Typical running time (if applicable): Trivial.

8. Approximate number of code lines: 500

9. Does this code read data files from another code? No.

10. Does this code produce data files that can be read by another code? No.

11. 1-2 paragraph description of code: This is a family of subroutines to evaluate toroidal harmonics. These functions arise in the expansion of a vacuum magnetic field in toroidal coordinates. They are related to the Legendre functions P^m_{n-1/2} and Q^m_{n-1/2} of integer order and half-odd degree. The method is due to Fettis. Henry E. Fettis: "A New Method for Computing Toroidal Harmonics", Mathematics of Computation 24 (1970) 667-670.

12. Similar codes to this code, and distinguishing differences:

13. Journal References describing code (up to 3): None.

14. New code capabilities planned for next 1-2 years: None.

15. Code users: None.

16. Present and recent applications of code: Used in connection with ergodic divertor modelling.

17. Status of code input/output documentation. Trivial. Contact the author.

18 Year Code was first used and present frequency of use: 1992. Not presently being used.

19. Estimate of Man-Years invested in developing code: 0.25.

20. Catagories of usage of Code (Check all that apply): Mathematical subroutine.

21. Language code is written in: Fortran-77

22. Results of intercomparisons with other codes and results of validation against experiments. Not applicable.