1. Code Name: VACUUM2H

2. Category: VIId. Linear Stability: 3D Averaged

3. Responsible Physicist: M. S. Chance

4. Others involved in code development: J. Bialek, N. Pomphrey and S. Jardin

5. One line description: 2D vacuum with averaged 3D shell effects

6. Computer systems which code runs on: Cray

8. Approximate number of code lines: 7000

9. Does this code read data files from another code? MAPDSK and MPOUT1 from mapping codes and 3D shell fields from SPARK.

10. Does this code produce data files that can be read by another code? The code provides the vacuum boundary conditions essential for a variety of ideal MHD stability codes.

11. 1-2 paragraph description of code: Same as VACUUM but it relies on SPARK to calculate the magnetic fields generated by the induced eddy current on the realistic simulation of actual 3D shells. These 3D effects are averaged for input to the 2D stability codes.

14. New code capabilities planned for next 1-2 years: Code is still being developed

15. Code users: Code is being developed.

16. Present and recent applications of code: Code is being developed

17. Status of code input/output documentation. Check one: ( X ) does not exist ( ) incomplete ( ) exists

19. Estimate of Man-Years invested in developing code: 1yr

20. Catagories of usage of Code (Check all that apply): (X) application code to do analysis and prediction of experiments (X) numerical testbed of theoretical ideas ( ) physics module to be used in integrated moddelling (X) code for machine design

21. Language code is writen in: Fortran

22. Results of intercomparisons with other codes and results of validation against experiments. To be done.