Open Science Grid (OSG) Certificate for TRANSP Production

(known as FusionGrid Certificate)

DOEGrids CA/ FusionGrid CA is transitioning certificate issuance to a new service managed by the Open Science Grid (OSG) Information Management (OIM) in March 2013.

OIM does not support a "myproxy" server, since it does not comply with IGTF policies.
So Certificates will be stored on your computer in $HOME/.globus instead of the server.
In essence it is working like the old DOEGrid certificates.

I. To Request a OSG Certificate:

  1. Go to: OIM Registration

  2. Fill in Form:
  3. Once the Request is approved
  4. On URL from email

  5. Register your x509 Certificate with OIM
    Go to OIM
    You will see "Register" link at the top right corner of the page.
    For details see OIM User Guide

II. To authenticate with the new Certificate:


Importing User Certificate for Command Line Use

OIM User Guide

OSG User Certificates

To submit Ticket to Grid Operations Center (GOC)

To get Signing Certificates

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