Access request Form for JET TRANSP Runs

I understand and agree that all publications, conference papers, and external reports, containing unpublished JET data must be processed through normal JET channels including (but not necessarily limited to) the appropriate JET Task Force leader, presentation at the relevant JET Task Force, and clearance through the JET Pinboard process. It is my responsibility to obtain access to the JET Pinboard through appropriate JET procedures. Information on the JET publication clearance process is available at:

This application will only grant read access to TRANSP runs.

In order to provide JET management with information about the use of its data, please describe the scope of the collaborative work:

  1. JET contact person: -

  1. JET Task Forces associated with this work: -

  1. Topics of Collaboration activity: -

  1. Intended use of JET TRANSP runs: -

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