Accessing PPPL's TRANSP data in MDSplus via Fortran


Encoding of MDSplus specifications in calling arguments

Server name, Tree name and Pulse number are encoded in the standard calling arguments "DISK", "DIR" and "RUNID".

e.g. for PPPL's TRANSP:
     DIR   =  'JET.99'
     RUNID =  '46982C09'

e.g. for MIT's TRANSP:
     DISK  = ''
     DIR   =  ' '     
     RUNID =  '960116024'

At PPPL the MDSplus puls number is usually not known. Runs are known by Tokamak, Year, and Runid.

Following is a detailed outline of the encoding:
char  1:4       MDS+
      5:5       +   if RUNID contains MDS pulse number
                -   if MDS pulse number is not supplied
                    in this case DIR must contain TOK.YR
      6:n       <Server name> - e.g. TRANSPGRID.PPPL.GOV
      n+1:n+1   @
      n+2:      <tree name>   - e.g. TRANSP_NSTX

     if DISK(5:5) = '-'  : TOK.YR  e.g. 'TFTR.97', 'JET.99'
                           otherwise not used

     if DISK(5:5) = '-'  : TRANSP RunID: e.g. 46982C09
     if DISK(5:5) = '+'  : MDSplus pulse number