Transp Unix Mdsplus Implementation

This document outlines PPPL's TRANSP integration into MDSplus on unix.
All software is available in the TRANSP cvs repository and also as a NTCC module TR_Client

Create a Model Tree

Use the tcl script $CODESYSDIR/source/mdsplot/transp_tree.tcl

  1. Select a Tree Name
  2. Create a directory for the selected tree
  3. Define environment variable <tree-name>_path
    	e.g. for Tree = foo:
            export foo_path=/mydisk/foo
  4. Create the model tree:
    	cd $CODESYSDIR/source/mdsplot
    	mdstcl @transp_tree.tcl <tree-name>
  5. Add the tree definition to the setup file of your MDSplus Server

See the TRANSP Tree Structure.

Create a Pulse

You must Create a MDSplus Pulse with a unique MDSplus ID. MDSplus IDs are integer numbers, whereas TRANSP RunIds are usually comprised from the shot number, a Type Id, and a try number.
Sites use various designs for generating MDSplus IDs.

Creating Ufiles with IDL

Install Software to Create Ufiles with IDL

Writing Output to MDSplus