Welcome to Robert Budny's home page (https://w3.pppl.gov/~budny)

I am a Principal Research Physicist working in the Tokamak and ITER Division
of Princeton University's Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory

The Princeton University home page is www.princeton.edu

The Princeton Plasma Laboratory home page is www.pppl.gov

I conduct research developing controlled thermonuclear fusion in Tokamaks as a potential energy source

Much of my current research uses the TRANSP plasma analysis code and the GS2 and GYRO gyrokinetic microturbulence codes
The TRANSP homepage is w3.pppl.gov/transp
The GS2 homepage is gs2.sourceforge.net
The GYRO homepage is http://fusion.gat.com/comp/parallel/gyro.html

I have also been applying these codes to understand transport in JET, DIII-D, and JT-60U plasmas.
The JET-EFDA home page is: www.jet.efda.org
The DIII-D Experimental Physics home page is: http://www.ga.com/index.php
The JT-60U home page is: http://www-jt60.naka.jaea.go.jp/english/index-e.html

Previously I collaborated on experiments in TFTR
See TFTR physics research

My cited publications are listed in
Google Scholar

Some of my papers and presentations are:

Some of my previous publications in controlled thermonuclear fusion are:

Some papers about TFTR with other first authors I co-authored:

I have collaborated with predictions for the EAST tokamak in China:

I have collaborated with predictions for the HL-2A Tokamak in China
two of my publications with Q. Gao, et al., for the HL-2A tokamak are:

I have collaborated with analysis of results from the Tore Supra tokamak in France

Several of my publications with G.T.Hoang et al. are:

Some of my previous publications in Elementary Particle Theory are:

My work address is:
Plasma Physics Laboratory
Princeton University
PO Box 451
Princeton, NJ 08543-0451
E-mail: budny@princeton.edu
Phone: +1 609 243 2730
FAX: +1 609 243 3233

* A clip of my interview on "CarTalk" cartalk.cars.com from National Public Radio about 10 years ago is:
MOV file
This has been re-broadcast from time to time. I'm the second in this recent re-broadcast in the February 20, 2010 Show (#1008):

* My interview about international collaborations in tokamak research is
DOE Pulse October, 1999

* My interview about the shutdown of the TFTR tokamak is in:
CNN archive, April 5, 1997

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