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The DEGAS 2 Monte Carlo neutral transport codegif and its multispecies, Collisional-Radiative, Atomic and Molecular Data code (CRAMD)gif have been developed for the purpose of simulating highly radiative divertors with temperatures tex2html_wrap_inline370 eV and electron densities tex2html_wrap_inline372 m-3. The coupled codes are used to calculate the spatial variation of the Balmer-tex2html_wrap_inline376 emission in a fixed background plasma obtained from a detached discharge in the Alcator C-Mod device. Vibrationally excited hydrogen molecules lead to recombination channels which are predicted by CRAMD to be significant at lower densities and higher temperatures than the familiar three-body processes. The relative importance of the two processes in the detached C-Mod divertor is evaluated. Ion-neutral elastic scattering is also examined.

Daren Stotler
Thu Nov 21 10:41:41 EST 1996