Magnetic Confinement Demonstration

As part of the Internet Plasma Physics Education eXperience (IPPEX) project, the purpose of this program is to demonstrate the difficulty of trying to contain a plasma inside a tokamak by using magnets. The program produces a black circle which represents a cross-section of the tokamak. Inside this there is a red circle which represects a cross-section of the plasma. Around the tokamak there are eight magnets which can be switched on or off by clicking on them with the mouse. When a magnet is on it will exert a repulsive force on the plasma. the object is to keep the plasma from hitting the wall of the tokamak.

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This program was written by Matthew Fritz, a teacher at Crest Memorial School in Wildwood Crest, with assistance from Daren Stotler of PPPL as part of a summer internship under the auspices of NJ BISEC. The original concept for this program was developed by Jeff Casey, a graduate student at the MIT Plasma Fusion Center. Mike Hanson of Stanford implemented it in C++ for use on Macintosh. This Java version is all new code, but is designed to look and feel like Hanson's Mac version.

Acknowledgements to the following authors for making their work available:

Daren Stotler's Home Page
IPPEX Home Page