Visualization of Lithium and Tungsten Particles in NSTX

Lithium and tungsten particles are dropped along the edge of the plasma in NSTX.  The position of the particles over time is shown by the trail attached to each particle.  The tungsten particles have a red trail and move closer to the separatrix.  The lithium particles have a blue trail and move faster.  More details of the behavior are in the paper:
3-D Reconstruction of Pre-Characterized Lithium and Tungsten Dust Particle Trajectories in NSTX.

The renderings show the NSTX plates and center stack with the plasma.  The particles are released from the dropper flight tube in the upper left.  Two cameras in the back capture images of the particles' location throughout the shot.  The image data is used to generate the 3-D coordinates of the particles.

Dan Abolafia developed the 3-D model and software for importing the data into Visit for rendering the visualizations.

tungsten & lithium particles