Nathaniel J. Fisch
Invited Papers and Talks

[21] Diverting Alpha Power to Fuel Ions, Transport Task Force Meeting, Dallas, TX (April, 1994). 
[22] Utility of Extracting Power from Alpha Particles by Waves (selected for oral presentation), 21st European Physical Society Meeting, Montpelier, France (July, 1994). 
[23] Channeling Alpha Particle Power in Tokamaks, Thirty-sixth Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society, Division of Plasma Physics Minneapolis, Minnesota (November, 1994). 
[24] Channeling Alpha Particle Power, IAEA Technical Meeting on Alpha Particles, Princeton, NJ (April, 1995). 
[25] Wave-driven hot-ion-mode tokamak reactor, Conference on Advanced Approaches to Economical Fusion Power, Monterey, CA (September, 1995). 
[26] Uses of Microwaves in Tokamaks, Series of Three Lectures, 48th Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics, St. Andrews, Scotland (August, 1996). 
[27] Prospects for Alpha Channeling: Initial Results from TFTR, 16th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference, Montreal, Canada (October, 1996). 
[28] A Tutorial on Alpha Channeling, 25th European Physical Society Meeting, Prague, Czech Republic (July, 1998). 

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