Major Unpublished Reports

[1] N. J. Fisch, New Techniques for Electrophoretic Separation in Conducting Fluids, Exxon Research and Engineering Report CR.5BW.84 (April, 1984) 61 pp. 
[2] R. J. L. Chimenti, N. J. Fisch, and R. P. Reeves, Electrophoretic Separation of a Dispersed Phase From Conductive Hydrocarbon Liquids, Exxon Research and Engineering Report, CR.6JL.84 (October, 1984) 64 pp. 
[3] A. Fruchtman and N. J. Fisch, Enhanced Magnetic Field Penetration in a Plasma Opening Switch Configuration, Weizmann Report WIS-91/35/JUN-Phys, 10 pp. 











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