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Yes there is a free X server solution for Windows 95

I posted a similar message a couple of weeks ago, but nobody seemed to
notice it.
a) Get  Valery Tulnikov's Cygwinb19 port of XVNC from
This a fully functional port of the XVNC server to Windows 95. Read the
documentation and modify the vncserver perl script to work on your
machine. Add the -ac option to allow localhost clients to connect.
You'll need cygwin19b.dll.
b) Get the WinVNC viewer from WinVNC

is a separate program that is native to Windows 95 and is designed to
work in tandem with XVNC. The VNC system has two parts: a VNC viewer
communicating with a VNC server, normally on separate machines. If you
run XVNC and WinVNC on the same machine, XVNC functions as an X server
that clients can call, but it lacks the ability to display anything
onscreen. It just passes messages to the WinVNC viewer, which has the
native ability to display the X clients. XGDI/XVNC is an attempt to
merge the client and server code into one program, but you can run the
two programs separately. The separate WinVNC viewer is native to Windows

95, has full functionality, and works perfectly. The whole VNC system is

under the GPL.
c)Cygwin XVNC + WinVNC viewer = free X server for Windows 95.


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