SGI Origin-2000, Parallel Computing, and other Computing Links

Computer Science

SGI Origin-2000

ASCI/ACL - Blue Mountain
SGI Developer
Performance Tuning Optimization for Origin2000 and Onyx2
Performance Tuning Optimization for Origin2000 and Onyx2
MIPSpro Fortran 77 Programmer's Guide: Table of Contents
Origin and Onyx2 Theory of Operations Manual
ACL people
LANL ACL Home Page
bluemountain-users by thread
bluemountain-users: totalview 3.7.10
LANL CIC-8 Distributed Computing
OpenMP Standard for Shared-memory Parallel Directives
Kuck & Associates, Inc.

Parallel Supercomputing

Tera Computer Company
Cray Research Online Software Publications Library
The NAS Parallel Benchmarks
MPI - The Message Passing Interface Standard
Grand Challenge Applications Program Guidance
NERSC Support of Grand Challenge Applications DRAFT
Grand Challenge Applications Program Guidance
LANL/ACL Cray T3E programming
Computational Science Education Project Homepage
Welcome To SPEC
National Coordination Office for HPCC
HPCC National High-Performance Software Exchange (NHSE)
Applied Parallel Research -- FORGE Home Page
PVM Users' Guide
High Performance Computing from Digital Equipment Corp.
Cray Programming Environment 2.0 Tools
Directory of /gmd/adaptor

Scientific Software Libraries

Directory of /incoming/nimrod
Linux Software for Scientists - E
Numerical Recipes Home Page
The Numerical Algorithms Group Ltd
POOMA - Intro page
Overview of M&S Libraries
GAMS : Guide to Available Mathematical Software
Netlib Repository at UTK/ORNL
netlib home page
CPC Program Library


F90 Tutorials

Introduction to Object-Oriented Concepts using Fortran90
Fortran 90 Tutorials
Fortran 90 for Fortran 77 programmers course
Object Oriented Fortran 90 Programming
Experiences with Object Oriented Parallel Plasma PIC Simulations
Fortran Tutorials
Other places for Help on Fortran 90
The Liverpool HPC project home page
High Performance Fortran Topic Overview

Fortran Market
Fortran Related WWW Sites
Digital Fortran - Web Sites
Lahey Computer Systems, Inc.
PGI HPF compiler for Cray T3E


Lee E. Busby
Next Python Conference
Python Language Home Page
A Python Quick Reference


Hysteresis Simulation in Java
Phyllis Roney's Home Page
Phyllis Roney's Home Page
Documentation: Java(tm) and JavaSoft Products
Brewing Java: A Tutorial
Graph Class Library

Other Languages

NIST Course on C++ Programming for Scientists
A First Look at C++ Program Analyzers
Wolfram Research
The Integrator
Maple on Athena (AC-72)
User information about the RZG
Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters: introduction

Plots and Graphics

Graphics and Data Analysis - Analysis
Some Free Scientific Software Under Linux
Software for Manipulating or Displaying NetCDF Data
Unidata netCDF
List of IDL Routines by Application
IDL (Research Systems, Inc.)
IDL (Interactive Data Language) FAQ
The IDL Astronomy User's Library
IDL (Interactive Data Language) FAQ
Coyote's Guide to IDL Programming
The JHU/APL/S1R IDL Information Page
VNI Home Page
PV-WAVE Overview
Yorick - Table of Contents
Matlab Software
NetCDF For Matlab-5
MATLAB Help Desk
MATLAB Help Desk
Scilab Home Page
Dataplot Homepage
PGPLOT Graphics Subroutine Library
NCAR Interactive Graphics
NCAR Interactive Graphics
NCAR Command Language (NCL) overview
ACE/gr: Help (draft)


The Gadget Guru Online
The Macintosh Software Catalog
Apple Computer Home Page
ARDI Home Page
Tenon Intersystems Home Page

BU Supercomputing

Office of Information Technology - Computing Tutorials
Tonka - SuperMan Pages

Netscape and the Web
Remote Control of UNIX Netscape
NCSA Mosaic Demo Document
A Beginner's Guide to HTML
Comparisons of Tcl with other systems
Index of Tclet Demos


RedHat Linux Manual
FIPS Version 1.5
Linux Online - The Linux Home Page
Red Hat Software
Running Linux on Various Computers
The Linux Laptop Home Page (broken)
The XFree86-benchmarks Survey - Detailed results for 3.2
Linux on the Toshiba Tecra series
Linux and X-Windows on Notebook Computers
Welcome to the Linux Home Page

Laptop Hardware

Sager's Home Page
EPS Technologies, Inc.
A1 Laptop Computers - SAGER MMX LAPTOP COMPUTERS - NP7200 Series
Fringe's Laptop Peripheral Info
Keydata Products
Welcome To Hyperdata

UNIX Reference Desk
IBM Compatibles: DOS
GNU Coding Standards - Table of Contents
ESnet WWW Home Page
Electronic Frontier Foundation
SEL-HPC Article Archive
Silicon Graphics' SILICON SURF Home Page
RSA Data Security, Inc.'s Home Page
Digital FTP and WWW Archives
Princeton Software Mirror