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1.3 About This Manual

This manual is part of a series of manuals documenting the Python Graphics Interface (PyGraph). They are:

· I. EZPLOT User Manual

· II. Object-Oriented Graphics Manual

· III. Plotter Objects Manual

· IV. Python Gist Graphics Manual

· V. Python Narcisse Graphics Manual

EZPLOT is a command-line oriented interface that is very similar to the EZN graphics package in Basis. The Object-Oriented Graphics Manual provides a higher-level interface to PyGraph. The remaining manuals give low-level plotting details that should be of interest only to computer scientists developing new user-level plot commands, or to power users desiring more precise control over their graphics or wanting to do exotic things such as opening a graphics window on a remote machine.

PyGraph is available on Sun (both SunOS and Solaris), Hewlett-Packard, DEC, SGI workstations, and some other platforms. Currently at LLNL, Narcisse is installed only on the X Division HP and Solaris boxes, however, and Narcisse is not available for distribution outside this laboratory. Our French colleagues are going through the necessary procedures for public release, but these have not yet been crowned with success. Gist, however, is publicly available as part of the Yorick release, and may be obtained by anonymous ftp from ftp-icf.llnl.gov; look in the subdirectory /ftp/pub/Yorick.

A great many people have helped create PyGraph and its documentation. These include

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