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2.2 Running OOG

Please read Chapter 1 first and follow the instructions there regarding the setting of various environment variables before running Python and PyGraph. Then, once you have fired up python, you need to execute import statements for each component of the OOG which you intend to use. There are two forms of the import statement.

curve.py: Curve
lines.py: Lines
quadmesh.py: QuadMesh
region.py: Region
polymap.py: Polymap
cellarray.py: CellArray
surface.py: Surface
mesh3d.py: Mesh3d, Slice, slice
plane.py: Plane
graph.py: Graph (not normally instantiated alone)
graph2d.py: Graph2d
graph3d.py: Graph3d
animation2d.py: Animation2d
Nar.py: Plotter
Gist.py: Plotter

Note that if you want to instantiate both a PyNarcisse and a PyGist Plotter, you must use the ``import xxxx'' form of the import statement.

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