Physics Formularies & References.

Greg Hammett, March 4, 2006

The most widely used quick reference among plasma physicists is the NRL Plasma formulary. It is available on the web or can ordered as a convenient pocket-sized booklet.

My start at A Physics Formulary to supplement the NRL Plasma Formulary is also available in a foldable booklet version.

Johan Wever has a more comprehensive physics formulary, math formulary, and general physics related links.

Review of Particle Physics, includes physical constants, tables, and reviews of cosmology, probability, and statistics, etc.
Jonathan Birge's formulas.

Eric Weisstein's / Wolfram Research's World of Physics, MathWorld, Scienceworld.

Planet Math (interesting wiki using LaTeX.)
Enclopedia Britannica

Other references and links:

Concise physics summaries
MIT Online Courseware.
Connexions: Online Courseware (started by Rice University)

John Baez's General Relativity Tutorial.

While these references are useful, remember: don't believe everything you read.