errata for "Comparison of initial value and eigenvalue codes for kinetic toroidal plasma instabilities", Mike Kotschenreuther, G. Rewoldt, W.M. Tang, Computer Physics Communications 88, 128 (1998) (last updated 18 August 1999)

On page 130 in Eq. 3 and on p.15 in Eq. 15, the right hand side should be multiplied by 1/2. This is a typo in the paper only. The collision operator is correct in the initial value code.

This was verified by Bill Dorland on April 7, 1999.

A conservative form for the differencing of the first part of Eq. 17 would result in

(Gamma_el - Gamma_{el-1}) / (xsi_{el+1/2} - xsi_{el-1/2})

which is what is actually done in GS2.

On page 135, in Eq. 20, in the first and third terms (which involve D_1 and D_3), the factor f_{1 i+1}^{* n} should be replaced with f_{1 i}^{* n}. This is clear from its derivation from Eq. 14.

Likewise, in Eq. 21, in the 4th term (which involves D_4), the factor f_{i+1}^{* n+1} should be replaced with f_{2 i+1}^{* n+1}.

In the inline equation just after Eq. 20, the equation $f_1^n = f^n$ should be replaced with $f_1^{* n} = f_1^n = f^n$ to be clearer. Also, the inline equation after Eq. 21 should read $f_2^{* n} = 0$.

The second reference to Eq. 20 in the paragraph after Eq. 22 should refer to Eq. 18 instead.

In Eq. 23, the left hand side of the first equation is a sum over species $s$, not over $j$. In the second equation, the left hand side should be multiplied by k_theta^2.