Physics of Plasmas -- January 2003 -- Volume 10, Issue 1, pp. 319-322

Measurement of the transverse Spitzer resistivity during collisional magnetic reconnection

F. Trintchouk, M. Yamada, H. Ji, R. M. Kulsrud, and T. A. Carter
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, P. O. Box 451, Princeton, New Jersey 08543

(Received 6 August 2002; accepted 15 October 2002)

Measurement of the transverse resistivity was carried out in a reconnecting current sheet where the mean free path for the Coulomb collision is smaller than the thickness of the sheet. In a collisional neutral sheet without a guide field, the transverse resistivity is directly related to the reconnection rate. A remarkable agreement is found between the measured resistivity and the classical value derived by Spitzer. In his calculation the transverse resistivity for the electrons is higher than the parallel resistivity by a factor of 1.96. The measured values have verified this theory to within 30% errors.

PACS: PACS: 52.25.Fi, 52.25.Xz

Full paper: pdf file (163 K b).