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Graduate Program in Plasma Physics

FWEB: A WEB system of structured documentation for multiple languages

A hypertext version of the Texinfo documentation for the FWEB processors can be found in fweb_toc.

If you are an FWEB user and wish to receive general announcements about FWEB, send e-mail to Place in the body (not the subject) of the message a line of the form `subscribe fweb-users [address]', where you need to include the optional address field only if you want a different address to be recorded than the one from which you sent the message. To unsubscribe from the list, replace `subscribe' in the above by `unsubscribe'. In addition to `fweb-users', you may also subscribe to the more specialized list `fweb-installers' if you are responsible for actually installing FWEB on your system (including everything from PC's to mainframes).

These lists are primarily intended for distributions of announcements relating to releases of FWEB. If you have a question about using FWEB, please first check carefully the documentation cited above. If you can't find the answer there, reluctantly consider sending the question to `fweb-users'. Unfortunately, I can no longer answer individual questions on anything approximating a real-time basis because of many professional constraints on my time. However, please do contact me at to make bug reports and to make suggestions about improving FWEB.