Graphics in the PEST1 code

J. Manickam
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Princeton NJ

Fri Nov. 18, 1994

PEST1.PLT has 2 or more frames

Index of Plot frames.

Click on the frame to see an example of this figure.
Frame 1

Displays equilibrium profiles, q,p,f,g.

Frame 2

Density as a function of pest-psi.

Frame 3 Depends on boundary conditions

Outline of plasma and wall cross-sections if the wall is at a finite distance, or Fourier decomposition of XI.Grad(PSI) if an instability is found .

Frame 3 or 4 If an instability is found.

Fourier decomposition of XI.Grad(PSI).

Frame 4 or 5 If an instability is found.

Projection of XI on the poloidal frame. The arrow-length is an indicator of the magnitude of the displacement.

Frame 5 or 6 If an instability is found.

Contour plot of |XI|**2.

The sequence, XI.Grad(PSI), arrow-plot and contours of |XI|**2 is repeated if there is more than one unstable mode.