Status of the codes.

    NOVA is a suite of codes which is based on the ideal MHD, NOVA, solver for perturbative and NOVA-KN, non-perturbative eigenmodes. Widely used version of the code solves for perturbative modes as well as for the Alfvenic/acoustic continuum which was originally published in Ref.[#1]. An kinetic extension to NOVA, known as NOVA-K, was subsequently written over years and began in Ref.[#2].

One can read several key papers on NOVA codes which are often used for studying the stability properties of TAE modes. The trapped electron collisional damping is implemented according to Ref.[#3]. Drift kinetic formulation including finite orbit width (FOW) effects can be found in Ref. [#4]. In that reference an important result was confirmed numerically that FOW lead to a plateau in the growth rate dependence on the toroidal mode number which limits the number of unstable modes in ITER for example.

    The NOVA codes are widely used to study the linear stability properties of Alfvénic modes and were extensively verified and validated, [#5].

    General information on how to run NOVA/NOVA-K (up to version 2, i.e. up to 2014ish) can be found on PPPL theory linux cluster at /u/ngorelen/SRC/Equil/Readme for NOVA (including qsolver equilibrium) and at /u/ngorelen/SRC/NOVAK/Readme-K. It is available to be used for many US fusion researchers.

Recent improvements in NOVA/NOVA-K perturbative simulations.
2018, APS invited. Interface with RBQ model.
, Sherwood. Radiative damping for RSAE modes using Yu-Fu parametrization from:
2020, three NBI distribution function sources are incorporated into NOVA-K (v.3&2). With 1 run growth rate & chirping criterion are evaluated. Newer input includes 'b' flag for NBI DF, read the Readme file.
2020+(to be finished), immediate generalization of NBI distribution function will be done within ST40 tasks.
2020+(to be finished), NBI equilibrium solver HPE (aka ESC, Zakharov) to be incorporated into NOVA/NOVA-K (v.3).

Future plans.

    An extensive upgrade of this suite (version 3) is going on. It includes q-solver equilibrium with the rotation and EP anisotropy in arbitrary cross section. It is called HPE [N.N.Gorelenkov,L.E.Zakharov, Nucl.Fusion, v.58, p.082031 (2018)].
    NOVA-K v.3 is in progress (see this link for the current subtasks for students who want to participate). In the long run it will include the modifications going from the HPE code. It will also include the thermal ion Landau damping.
    NOVA-KN is the ultimate goal/part of this suite to be used in simulations of the quasi-linear code RBQ [N.N.Gorelenkov, V.Duarte et al., Phys.Plasmas (2019) submitted.]. RBQ2D is being heavily developed.

[1] C. Z. Cheng, M. C. Chang, Phys. Fluids 29 (1986) 3695.
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[5] M. A. Van Zeeland, G. J. Kramer, M. E. Austine et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 97 (2006) 135001.

Other resources on VV are page.

At the end of this page one can find a list of publications related to NOVA suite of codes.

1) formulation and examples of its simulations:

ideal MHD part:
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New kinetic effects are added (NOVA-K), such as trapped electron collisoinal damping (orbit width effects shown in this paper are not used any more):
G. Y. Fu and C. Z. Cheng and K. L. Wong, "Stability of the
toroidicity-induced \protect{A}lfv\'{e}n eigenmode in axisymmetric
toroidal equilibria", Phys. Fluids B, V.5, pp.4040--4050 (1993);

this paper give a description of the radiative damping implementation in NOVA
"Analysis of alpha particle-driven toroidal Alfven eigenmodes in TFTR deuterium-tritium experiments"
G.-Y. Fu, C.Z. Cheng, Phys.Plasmas, v.3. 4036-4045 (1996).

this paper has accurate orbit width effect described, which are used in NOVA
N. N. Gorelenkov and C. Z. Cheng and G. Y. Fu, "Fast particle finite
orbit width and Larmor radius effects on low-n toroidicity induced
\protect{A}lfv\'{e}n eigenmode excitation", Phys. Plasmas, v.6,
pp. 2802-2807 (1999).  }

here we describe the model for the distribution function of beam ions used in NOVA under the option "l"
AUTHOR = "N. N. Gorelenkov and H. L. Berk and R. V. Budny",
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2)  TAE and RSAE radial structures are verified (arguably the best MHD code/experiment comparison).
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3) Simulations of TAE observations in TFTR advanced after more theoretical insight was available.

AUTHOR = "R. Nazikian and G. J. Kramer and C. Z. Cheng and N. N. Gorelenkov and H. L. Berk and S. E. Sharapov",
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4)  Stability calculations in NSTX for low frequency TAEs and comparisons with high frequency mode observations.

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5)  Another nice application of NOVA for RSAEs in DIII-D and JET.

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6) Projections to ITER.

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