XTranspin, a Visual Data Input Utility for TRANSP

XTranspin is a Motif-based graphical user interface written in C, that facilitates preparing TRANSP and TRDAT namelist files for TRANSP runs.
The utility is menu driven and grouped by physics categories. It is easy to install and to use, provides extensive help features and performs data-model consistency checks.
XTranspin includes an extensive capability for customization to specific sites or for specific tokamak experiments.

In a significant technical change that was made based on physicist user feedback, the code was recently upgraded with a minimal change algorithm for namelist text. This means that Xtranspin namelist edits only affect the TRANSP namelist file formatting and comments to the minimal extent possible; thus, it is now feasible for users to invoke a text editor for some changes, and use XTranspin for others, without disturbing the TRANSP namelist file layout.

XTranspin also supports submitting runs to the TRANSP Fusion Grid Server.

The source can be downloaded from the NTCC web site as part of the tr_client module.