FGCM Data Information

o /var/www/CertRequests/*.info
    FusionGrid meta data such as username, first name,
      lastname, sponsor, ...
    Moved to /var/www/Users after acceptance
    Certificate key data
    Moved to /var/myproxy after acceptance

o /var/www/Users/*.info

o /var/myproxy/*.data
    Myproxy meta data such as OWNER, LIFETIME, USERNAME
    Certificate key and certificate data
    Key data moved from /var/www/CertRequests
      after acceptance, certificate data appended.

o /var/www/RenewalFiles/ProcessingDB
    State of renewal for each user

o Python "pickle" is used for the ProcessingDB file
  and the *.info files

  Pickle wrappers defined in webRequest.py are:
  These are used for the *.info files
    set or get Username
    set or get Firstname
    set or get Middlename
    set or get Lastname
    set or get DN
    set or get Password
    set or get Email
    set or get Phone
    set or get Fax
    set or get Sponsor
    set or get Affiliation
    set or get Address
    set or get Passhint
    set or get Certurl
  These are used for Renewal status in ProcessingDb
    set, reset or get Responded
    set or get Timestamp
    set or get Email
    is Expired