=== PPPL Grid Monitors and FusionGrid Monitor ===
============ Monday, 12 Sept 2005 ============

The PPPL Grid Monitors and the FusionGrid Monitor are activated
from the https://w3.pppl.gov/transp page.

    * PPPL Grid Monitor
    * PPPL Grid Monitor for active runs only
    * PPPL Grid Monitor for stopped runs only
    * PPPL Grid Monitor for suspended runs only
    * FusionGrid Monitor 

------  FusionGrid Monitor ----
The FusionGrid Monitor daemon is currently running on anubis.gat.com:8000/fgm.

PPPL information is sent to the FusionGrid Monitor from transpgrid.pppl.gov.

Boot time start script is in directory
The boot time start script name is cppg_fgm_local

FGM send scripts are in
The scripts used are
   tsp_postauto ... tsp_postpre, tsp_postmake, and then tsp_postsend
                    every 120 seconds
   tsp_postpre .... gathers information from status files
                    in /p/transpgrid/transp_log/runlog
   tsp_postmake ... formats status information
   tsp_postsend ... sends status information to anubis.gat.com:8000/fgm