SVN for TRANSP summary

Authorizing a new User (02/22/2013 CLF)

Server =
System files are in:  /usr/local/svn_https/access/
Repository is in:     /p/svnowner/repository/test_transp

Web - Registration in: /var/www_svn/html/account
      cgi          in: /var/www_svn/cgi-bin/account-action
  1. add passwd to svn-auth-file
    cut & paste from svn-update-file
  2. add username to svn-control-file
    cut & paste from svn-update-file
  3. edit svn-update-file
    add comment
  4. touch svn-update-file.touch
    to stop email notifications
  5. add user with full Name to svnusers_names.txt
     "svn username" "unix username" : "First & Last Name" : email
     Note: User's unix & real name are not provided by the WEB application.
           You should know whome you are authorizing.

SVN for TRANSP summary -- 01/15/2010 2:45pm 1) Creating a repository 2) Initial import to repository 3) Setting access to repository 4) Adding users (including yourself) 5) Additional info 6) The /p/svnowner partition 7) Trial repositories created ... 8) Log messages 1) Creating a repository # Here's how to create a repository # Must be on # Must be a member of svnowner group # Members are: # randerso,ludesche,dmccune,mgorelen,randre,kindires,efeibush # Must have root privileges for part of this step # As randerso on (member of svnowner group) svnadmin create /p/svnowner/repository/set_lranders # !!! Owner must be svnowner su - root /bin/chown --recursive --no-dereference svnowner:svnowner /p/svnowner/repository/set_lranders exit 2) Initial import to repository # As lranders on sunfire03 /bin/mkdir --parents TMP/set_lranders_original/subdir echo hello > TMP/set_lranders_original/hello.txt echo goodbye > TMP/set_lranders_original/subdir/goodbye.txt $ set url= $ svn import /u/lranders/TMP/set_lranders_original $url -m "Initial import" $ Authentication realm: TRANSP Subversion Repository $ Password for 'lranders': Adding /u/lranders/TMP/set_lranders_original/hello.txt Adding /u/lranders/TMP/set_lranders_original/subdir Adding /u/lranders/TMP/set_lranders_original/subdir/goodbye.txt Committed revision 1. $ $ set url= $ cd /u/lranders $ svn checkout $url A set_lranders/hello.txt A set_lranders/subdir A set_lranders/subdir/goodbye.txt Checked out revision 1. 3) Setting access to repository # On # Assuming your account is in the svnowner group # Update the following file file=/usr/local/svn_https/access/svn-control-file 4) Adding users (including yourself) # On # Assuming your account is in the svnowner group # Where yyyymmdd is todays date (such as 20091210) and # usersname is the user's name (such as randerso) file=/usr/local/svn_https/access/svn-auth-file /bin/cp -ip $file $file.yyyymmdd /usr/bin/htpasswd -m $file usersname New password: Re-type new password: Adding password for user usersname $ 5) Additional info # /u/pshare/SVN_FOR_TRANSP has the build notes and # documentation files: svn-book.pdf and # also points to documentation. 6) The /p/svnowner partition # The /p/svnowner partition is 5GB in size and is only # accessable from 7) Trial repositories created ... # Since currently root privileges are needed for the first # step of creating a repository, these have already been # created o /p/svnowner/repository/set_ludesche o /p/svnowner/repository/set_dmccune o /p/svnowner/repository/set_mgorelen o /p/svnowner/repository/set_randre o /p/svnowner/repository/set_kindres o /p/svnowner/repository/set_efeibush # Access privileges have been set so every member of the # group can write to every other member. This can # be changed if wanted. # You will still have to set your password as shown # in the Adding Users step above. 8) Log messages /var/log/httpd_svn/access_log /var/log/httpd_svn/error_log /var/log/httpd_svn/ssl_access_log /var/log/httpd_svn/ssl_error_log /var/log/httpd_svn/ssl_request_log /var/log/httpd_svn/svn_logfile