Adding and removing TRANSP users

Adding and removing TRANSP users

To add a TRANSP user

  o Ensure user has FusionGrid Certificate
  o Ensure user has PPPL account
  o Select a pshr0### account for the user
    Here's how:
     "/usr/bin/getent passwd | grep pshr0 | grep GridFTP"  

  o Update that account using admintool on
    Under "User Account", for that account
      Change user's full name to "transp for user's acccount"
      Change user's shell to /bin/tcsh

  o Update ""
    For resource TRANSP, click on "Administer Resource"  
      See if user already has a Resource Authorization
      If not, click on "Add New"
        Then click on Select User
          Pick user and click on username
        Then change Permission to "Execute" 
        And click on Submit
    When back to "Administer Resource"
      Click on Modify, on user's entry
        Then add correct pshr0### to Auxilliary column

To remove a TRANSP user

  o To deduce user's pshr#000 account
    "/usr/bin/getent passwd | grep pshr0 | grep user's account"

  o  Using admintool on
     Under "User Account", for user's pshr0### account
       Change pshr0###'s shell to /bin/false
       Change pshr0###'s full name to "pshare GridFTP account"

  o Update ""
    Under TRANPS's "Administer Resource"
      Add ".ExpiredAccount" user's to Auxilliary entry