Proceedings of US/Japan JIFT Stellarator Workshop

Issues in the theoretical analysis of three dimensional configurations.
Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
March 14-16, 2006
Princeton, U.S.A.
  1. G. Rewoldt : Comparison of Microinstability Properties for Stellarator Magnetic Geometries
  2. A. Ishizawa : Nonlinear interactions between micro-turbulence and macro-scale MHD
  3. R. Ishizaki : Motion of the ablation cloud in torus plasmas
  4. N. Nakajima : Thermal diffusion by stochastic electromagnetic fluctuations
  5. P. Garabedian : Bifurcated 3D equilibria in the LHD and ITER
  6. A. Reiman : Equilibrium Beta Limit in W7AS
  7. S. Murakami : GNET Simulation Study of 2nd Harmonics ICRF Heating in LHD
  8. H. Mynick : Improving Confinement in QA Stellarators
  9. A. Ware : Bootstrap current in quasi-symmetric stellarators
  10. D. Spong : Calculation of Ion Flows in Stellarators and Configurational Variations.
  11. T. Rafiq : Influence of HSX Geometry on Drift Waves
  12. O. Yamagishi : Gyrokinetic study of quasi-linear fluxes in LHD-like and axisymmetric configurations
  13. D. Monticello : Calculation of helically symmetric equilibria with the PIES code.
  14. S. Hudson : Direct calculation of ballooning eigenvalue derivatives.
  15. M. Zarnstorff : NCSX: research plans and theory needs
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