Knotopt = topologically-flexible, coil-design algorithm for knotatrons!

[Stellarators and tokamaks (hereafter referred to as unknotatrons) have a magnetic axis in the shape of a circle, which is a special class of knot called an "unknot".]
  1. A detailed description of all subroutines etc. is given below.
  2. Please direct questions/suggestions to Stuart Hudson,, subject=Knotopt.
  3. Subroutines from Oculus are used.

subroutine description
globals (input) Description of input namelists.
initial (initialize) Read input file, initialize global variables.
rdknot (knot) Reads knot parameters from file.
packing (packing) Packing degrees of freedom.
dpotent (dpotent) Constructs derivatives of constrained energy functional.
gpotent (gpotent) interface;
knotmin (knotmin) Minimizes knot function.
restart (restart) Writes output and restart files.
knotopt (main) Main program.
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