42nd Annual Meeting of the APS Division

of Plasma Physics with the 10th

International Congress on Plasma Physics

October 23-27, 2000

Quebec City, Canada


Session MM1. DPP: Mini-Conference on Lithium Walls and Low Recycling Regimes in Tokamaks I. Room 303AB, Qu\'{e}bec City Convention Centre. Chair: M. Schaffer and B. Kaita.

09:20  MM1.001Tokamaks with lithium covered walls (link to .ps file)
       Leonid E. Zakharov (Princeton University, PPPL)
09:40  MM1.002 Simulations of Edge-Plasmas and Lithium Core Pentration for Low-Recycling Lithium Walls
       T.D. Rognlien, M.E. Rensink (Lawrence Livermore National Lab), J.N. Brooks (Argonne National Lab)
10:10  MM1.003 Long-pulse particle control in plasmas surrounded by liquid metal walls.*
       Peter Mioduszewski, David Rasmussen, Brad Nelson (ORNL)
10:40  MM1.004 Coffee Break
10:50  MM1.005 Observations Concerning the Injection of a Lithium Aerosol into the Edge of TFTR Discharges.
       D.K. Mansfield, D.W. Johnson, B. Grek, H. Kugel, M.G. Bell, R.E. Bell, R.A. Budny, C.A. Bush, E.D. Fredrickson, K.W. Hill, D.L. Jassby, R. Maqueda, H.K. Park, C.H.
       Skinner, G. Taylor, G.A. Wurden (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)
11:20  MM1.006  Spectroscopic Studies of Lithium in TFTR
       K.W. Hill, D.K. Mansfield, S.S. Medley, A.T. Ramsey, C.H. Skinner (Princeton University)
11:40  MM1.007 Physics of Improved Core Confinement with Lithium Injection in TFTR
       D. R. Ernst, TFTR Team (Princeton Univ. Plasma Physics Laboratory)
12:10  MM1.008 Initial Results of the Liquid Lithium Rail Limiter Experiment L3 on the CDX-U Torus
       Stan Luckhardt, M. Baldwin, R. Doerner, E. Hollmann, A. Liebscher, R. Seraydarian, D. Whyte (UCSD), R. Kaita, R. Majeski (PPPL)


Session NM1. DPP: Mini-Conference on Lithium Walls and Low Recycling Regimes in Tokamaks II. Room 303AB, Qu\'{e}bec City Convention Centre. Chair: T. Evans and R. Maingi.

13:40  NM1.001  Helium pumping by liquid Li: Effect of internal flows (link to .doc file)
       Sergei Krasheninnikov (UCSD)
14:10 NM1.002 Overview of Plasma Boundary Physics Modeling and Potential Issues for Li Surfaces
       D.P. Stotler (PPPL)
14:40 NM1.003 Temperature Dependent Erosion of Liquid Metal Surfaces
       R.P. Doerner, M. Baldwin, A.A. Grossman, S.C. Luckhardt, R. Seraydarian, D.G. Whyte (University of California - San Diego)
15:10 NM1.004Kinematic and thermodynamic effects on liquid metal sputtering   (link to .ppt file,  movies have separate links)
           FLIRE#4__ 5 mm gap.mpg   (link to movie  1)
           FLIRE#5__ 4 mm gap.mpg   (link to movie 2)
           FLIRE#3__ 3 mm gap.mpg   (link to movie 3)
           FLIRE#6__ 2 mm gap.mpg   (link to movie 4)
           Ga flow 3 __ 3 mm close-up.mpg  (link to movie 5)
       J.P. Allain, D.N. Ruzic (University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign)
15:40 NM1.005 Coffee Break
16:00  NM1.006 Deuterium Retention in Liquid Lithium
       M J Baldwin, R P Doerner, S C Luckhardt, R W Conn, R Seraydarian, D G Whyte (UC San Diego)
16:30   NM1.007 Self-Pumping/ Entrapment of He Particles by Liquid Metal Layers Flowing on Divertor Plates
       Ahmed Hassanein (Argonne National Laboratory, Argonne, IL 60439)
17:00  NM1.008 Critical Design Considerations for the Flowing Liquid-Surface Illinois Retention Experiment (FLIRE)
       Mark Boaz, Jeff Norman, Jean Paul Allain, David Ruzic (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
17:30  NM1.009 Overview of PBXM facility
       Michio Okabayashi (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)


Session UM1. DPP: Mini-Conference on Lithium Walls and Low Recycling Regimes in Tokamaks III. Room 303AB, Qu\'{e}bec City Convention Centre. Chair: S. Krasheninnikov and M. Korschenreuther.

09:20 UM1.001 Discussion


Session VM1. DPP: Mini-Conference on Lithium Walls and Low Recycling Regimes in Tokamaks IV. Room 303AB, Qu\'{e}bec City Convention Centre. Chair: J. Finn and J. Freidberg.

13:40 VM1.001.  Effects of Liquid Metal Walls on Equilibrium and Stability
       Ahmet Y. Aydemir (Institute for Fusion Studies, The University of Texas, Austin, TX 78712)
14:10 VM1.002 Liquid Metal Walls and the Belt Pinch
       Michael Kotschenreuther (Institute for Fusion Studies), W. Dorland (University of Maryland), J. Manickam, J. Menard (PPPL), R. Miller (General Atomic)
14:50 VM1.003Stabilization of resistive wall modes by lithium streams (.pdf) (.ps) (see also .ps , .pdf)
       Leonid E. Zakharov (Princeton University, PPPL)
15:10  VM1.004 Plans for Liquid Lithium Experiments in CDX-U
       R. Kaita, R. Majeski, P. Efthimion, D. Hoffman, B. Jones, H. Kugel, J. Menard, T. Munsat, S. Raftopoulos, G. Taylor, J. Timberlake, R. Woolley, L. Zakharov
       (Princeton University), M. Finkenthal, V. Soukhanovskii, D. Stutman (Johns Hopkins University), S. Luckhardt, R. Doerner (UCSD), R. Maingi (ORNL), S. Molesa
       (Hope College)
15:40  VM1.005 Coffee Break
16:00  VM1.006 Resistive Liquid Wall Modes and Coupling to Fluid Surface Modes
       H.L. Rappaport (Institute for Fusion Studies, University of Texas at Austin)
16:30  VM1.007 Stabilization of Resistive Wall Modes using Rotating Liquid Metal Walls
       C.B. Forest, C. Hegna, G. Fiksel, T. Lovell, J.A. Sarff (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
17:00  VM1.008Toroidally Symmetric Liquid Metal J x B Experiments (link to .ppt file, movies have separate links)
           LIMIT4.mpg   (link to movie  1)
           LIMIT5.mpg   (link to movie  2)
           LIMIT6.mpg   (link to movie  3)
           LIMIT7.mpg   (link to movie  4)
           LIMIT9.mpg   (link to movie  5)
           LIMIT10.mpg  (link to movie  6)
            limit11.mpg        (link to movie  7)
      David Ruzic, Boaz Mark, Norman Jeffery, Jean Paul Allain (University of Illinois)
17:30  VM1.009 Experimental Study of Surface Waves on Liquid Gallium
       H. Ji, L. Bell, S. Zweben, R. Woolley (PPPL)