Gnus Manual. Node: Displaying Predictions

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7.14.3: Displaying Predictions

GroupLens makes a prediction for you about how much you will like a news article. The predictions from GroupLens are on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 is the worst and 5 is the best. You can use the predictions from GroupLens in one of three ways controlled by the variable gnus-grouplens-override-scoring.

There are three ways to display predictions in grouplens. You may choose to have the GroupLens scores contribute to, or override the regular gnus scoring mechanism. override is the default; however, some people prefer to see the Gnus scores plus the grouplens scores. To get the separate scoring behavior you need to set gnus-grouplens-override-scoring to 'separate. To have the GroupLens predictions combined with the grouplens scores set it to 'override and to combine the scores set gnus-grouplens-override-scoring to 'combine. When you use the combine option you will also want to set the values for grouplens-prediction-offset and grouplens-score-scale-factor.

In either case, GroupLens gives you a few choices for how you would like to see your predictions displayed. The display of predictions is controlled by the grouplens-prediction-display variable.

The following are valid values for that variable.


The higher the prediction, the further to the right an `*' is displayed.


A numeric confidence interval.


The higher the prediction, the longer the bar.


Numerical confidence.


The spot gets bigger with more confidence.


Plain-old numeric value.


Prediction +/- confidence.

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