Gnus Manual. Node: GroupLens

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7.14: GroupLens

GroupLens is a collaborative filtering system that helps you work together with other people to find the quality news articles out of the huge volume of news articles generated every day.

To accomplish this the GroupLens system combines your opinions about articles you have already read with the opinions of others who have done likewise and gives you a personalized prediction for each unread news article. Think of GroupLens as a matchmaker. GroupLens watches how you rate articles, and finds other people that rate articles the same way. Once it has found some people you agree with it tells you, in the form of a prediction, what they thought of the article. You can use this prediction to help you decide whether or not you want to read the article.

  • Using GroupLens How to make Gnus use GroupLens.
  • Rating Articles Letting GroupLens know how you rate articles.
  • Displaying Predictions Displaying predictions given by GroupLens.
  • GroupLens Variables Customizing GroupLens.
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