Communicates with Mathemtica using MathLink.


PetscErrorCode PETSC_DLLEXPORT PetscViewerMathematicaOpen(MPI_Comm comm, int port, const char machine[], const char mode[], PetscViewer *v)
Collective on comm

Input Parameters

comm - The MPI communicator
port - [optional] The port to connect on, or PETSC_DECIDE
machine - [optional] The machine to run Mathematica on, or PETSC_NULL
mode - [optional] The connection mode, or PETSC_NULL

Output Parameter

viewer -The Mathematica viewer


Most users should employ the following commands to access the Mathematica viewers

   PetscViewerMathematicaOpen(MPI_Comm comm, int port, char *machine, char *mode, PetscViewer &viewer)
   MatView(Mat matrix, PetscViewer viewer)


   PetscViewerMathematicaOpen(MPI_Comm comm, int port, char *machine, char *mode, PetscViewer &viewer)
   VecView(Vec vector, PetscViewer viewer)

Options Database Keys

   -viewer_math_linkhost <machine> - The host machine for the kernel
   -viewer_math_linkname <name>    - The full link name for the connection
   -viewer_math_linkport <port>    - The port for the connection
   -viewer_math_mode <mode>        - The mode, e.g. Launch, Connect
   -viewer_math_type <type>        - The plot type, e.g. Triangulation, Vector
   -viewer_math_graphics <output>  - The output type, e.g. Motif, PS, PSFile


PetscViewer, Mathematica, open

See Also

MatView(), VecView()

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