Reference tables

This module points to many useful reference tables that let programmers using the HLU and NCL interfaces quickly access lots of useful information. These tables organize the information in various ways: by name, by logical groupings, and by index number.

HLU resources

This table of all HLU resource names organizes HLU resources alphabetically by name. This is useful for people who want to learn about resources they find in the examples. This is also useful for experienced programmers who know a resource name but are seeking detailed information about it.

Tables of resources for specific utilities are organized by logical groups in the reference page for each utility. This helps people who are learning about the resources used by each utility. From the alphabetical list of HLU classes, select a utility and scroll to the Resources section, right after the Synopsis. The resource file for the first example of each utility also groups resources this way, and it provides all the default values. You can obtain these resource files and run NCAR Graphics 4.1 examples using the ng4ex command.

HLU types

Table of HLU variable types that are valid for HLU variables. This is useful if you need a complete list of valid types or if you want the definition of any specific type.

HLU functions

Alphabetical listing of all HLU functions.

NCL commands

Table of NCL command names (functions and procedures).

NCAR Graphics 4.x examples

Table of all NCAR Graphics 4.x examples with pointers to source code, resource files, and descriptive explanations for each example.


Table of all available type fonts shows the name of each font printed in that font. This table is alphabetized by font name.

Color tables

This table lists the names of all the predefined colormaps and shows each color along with its index number.

Dash patterns

This graph lists all of the predefined dash patterns along with their index numbers.

Fill patterns

This graph shows all of the predefined fill patterns along with their index numbers.


This graph shows all of the predefined markers along with their index numbers.

MapPlot database table

The MapPlot database table lists the names, group numbers, types, and area identifiers that are used to specify fill attributes and map boundaries in a MapPlot.

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