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Thermal Conduction Model I

  This model is given by Eq. (2) in Ref. [8]. If the pedestal stored energy, tex2html_wrap_inline522, is known, the pedestal temperature can be found as
where V is the plasma volume. Note that the constant of 0.92 is the fraction of the total volume occupied by the pedestal [7]. The plasma volume can be estimated as
By fitting to all types of ELMy H-mode discharges in the pedestal database DB3V2 [8], it was found that the pedestal stored energy is
where I is the plasma current in unit of MA, tex2html_wrap_inline376 is the loss power in unit of MW, tex2html_wrap_inline530 is the density in the unit of 1019 particles per m3, tex2html_wrap_inline536 is the inverse aspect ratio and tex2html_wrap_inline538 is the shaping factor (tex2html_wrap_inline540, where q95 is the safety factor at 95% flux surface and tex2html_wrap_inline544 is the cylindrical safety factor defined as tex2html_wrap_inline546). This formula yields the RMSE of 23.5% with the data [8]. This scaling satisfies both the Kadomtsev and the gyro-Bohm constraints with tex2html_wrap_inline548.

By combining Eqs. gifgif and gif, the pedestal temperature in unit of keV can be found as

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