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8.9 Calculate Chunks of Mesh: iterator3

Calling Sequences

iterator3 (m3)
iterator3 (m3, chunk, clist)
iterator3_rect (m3)
iterator3_rect (m3, chunk, clist)
iterator3_irreg (m3)
iterator3_irreg (m3, chunk, clist)


The iterator3 functions combine three distinct operations:

  1. If only the M3 argument is given, return the initial chunk of the mesh. The chunk will be no more than chunk3_limit cells of the mesh.
  2. If only M3 and CHUNK are given, return the next CHUNK, or None if there are no more chunks.
  3. If M3, CHUNK, and CLIST are all specified, return the absolute cell index list corresponding to the index list CLIST of the cells in the CHUNK. Do not increment the chunk in this case.

    The form of the CHUNK argument and return value for cases (1) and (2) is not specified, but it must be recognized by the xyz3 and getv3 functions (see "Return Vertex Coordinates for a Chunk: xyz3" on page 93 and "Get Vertex Values of Function: getv3" on page 91) which go along with this iterator3. (For case (3), CLIST and the return value are both ordinary index lists.) In the irregular case, it is guaranteed that the returned chunk consists of only one type of cell (tetrahedra, hexahedra, pyramids, or prisms).

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