CEMM Meeting 15 November 2015

Westin Hotel, Savannah GA

In Conjunction with the APS-DPP Meeting

Glasser: Implementation of Linear Neoclassical Inner Region Model in DCON

J. King: Nonlinear modeling of edge harmonic oscillations with NIMROD

Ramos: Kinetic-MHD system for resistive wall modes with two-fluid and collisional effects

Lyons: RMP simulations and M3D-C1 coupling

Callen: Forced magnetic reconnection in tokamak plasmas--a new CEMM paradigm problem?

Jenkins: Giant sawtooth modeling with NIMROD

Pankin: Update on scrapeoff-layer transport modeling

Izzo: ITPA Summary

Strauss: JET disruption simulations

Ferraro: Applicaitons of the Resistive Wall Model in M3D-C1

Sovinec: VDE related effects

jardin: Progress on "flux pumping", ELMs, VDEs and Disruptions

all: Discussion of nonlinear benchmarks


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