GEM Reconnection Problem Code Comparisons


The GEM reconnection problem is described in [J. Birn, J. F. Drake, M. A. Shay, et al., J. Geophys. Res. 106 3715 (2001)]. The CEMM is using this well-defined 2D test problem as one of it's benchmark problems. We present results from several codes for both the "resistive MHD" model, and for the "two-fluid" model, which has the Hall terms added to the generalized Ohm's law.



More details regarding the M3D-C1 code applied to this problem, including some extensions to the case of a non-zero guide field, are given in the July 2006 SIAM presentation .

The exact equations being solved by the SEL code are given here . Some variations for SEL around the baseline are given here . The midplane profiles for the case nu = 5.E-6 and Dn=0 are shown here . Results for a full-domain simulation with the SEL code (9/12/06) are given here .

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